Transmission is the part of the car that is responsible for the speed and torque conversion and it uses gears for this purpose. Transmission slipping is the phenomenon in which the transmission delays going into the next gear. The problem of transmission slipping may be caused due to a number of reasons which include
 Inadequate transmission fluid in the transmission
 The poor vacuum
 A shift gear that is improperly adjusted or is defective
 Worn out transmission bands
 Worn out transmission gears
 Worn out torque converter
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A transmission or gearbox provides speed and torque conversions using gear ratios from a rotating power source to another device, and often it has many gears. Transmission slipping is a problem in which the transmission delays going into the next gear. The best way to avoid the problem of transmission slipping is to service the car regularly. Especially if the car is newer and has moved less than 80,000 miles then it is better to service the car after every 25,000 miles. The servicing of the transmission involves the changing of the fluid and the internal filter. If the car is not serviced properly in the beginning of its life then it will face many problems as it gets older, especially the problem of transmission slipping.
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